How To Use Live22 Online Casino Apps

How To Use Live 22 Or Live22 Online Casino Apps

Life 22 is a casino app that is featured in the beautiful graphics slots. Which we will learn how to use the app Or if wanting to know first what this app has in particular Then click on the link here Live22

Initially, fill in the user ID and password by pressing Remember so there is no need to re-enter the next time. After that, you can click the Login button. Live22 doesn’t have a Malaysia language change menu. Therefore can only choose English and Malaysian.

Wait for it to load for the main screen. But if the app is an old version Will be prompted to reload the app to install first

When entering the gameplay page Will find advertising bounced first If you don’t want it to appear every time, check the Don’t show this again box …

If you click the Read More … button, it will bounce back and read the information on the website. After that, press the close button to enter the game page straight away. When entering the game page In the middle is the popular game display. We will see which games are dark and have arrow keys Meaning that the game must be downloaded first As for watching other games, swipe left or right to move the game.

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For the various menus are as follows:

1. Kai’s human figure in the upper left corner shows the number of coins available Which is the value of how many baht

2. The gift button will open to win daily prizes. Which can be opened once a day

3. In the middle will tell you the amount of Jackpot that is currently collected.

4. Jackpot is the amount of money that we have.

5. The far-right menu has the following sub-menus


The STATEMENT menu, when pressed, will display the following details.

The SETTINGS menu can be adjusted to turn the music off, sound effect, and to change the language of the ABOUT button. See what app we currently use. Including app details. The LOGOUT button will be the exit button Which will be asked whether to actually leave or not first

In the bottom part of the main screen, The game is divided into 5 categories, namely

– TABLE Table Games such as Roulette, Baccarat

After entering the desired game category, try selecting a game. When entering the game, there will be the main menu above Is the i-shaped button and gear icon

When pressing the button-shaped I will show how to play the game. By using the left, right arrow to change pages

If you press the gear icon in the game Will to be up to adjust whether to display the music and sound effect or not.

As for the games in the Casino category, the game will be opened via the browser to play various online games instead.

How To Download Live22 In Ios And Andriod

As we discuss the live22 casino game, now we discuss how to download live22 in your smartphone or desktop to play. You can download live22 games from Apk file or can be download through .exe file. Here are some steps to download the game for play.

Step 1:

live22 download linkClick ‘install’ and wait installation progress done.

Step 2:

live22 online
Launch Settings from your Home Screen.

Step 3:

live22 loginTap on General.

Step 4:

live22 agentTap on “Profiles/Device Management.”

Step 5:

live22 gameTap the “Lucky8 Technology Inc.”

Step 6:

live22 ios downloadTap to trust “Lucky8 Technology Inc.”

Step 7:

live22 slot gamesTap to trust.

step 8:

live22 apkComplete.

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